Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Results

The neuro appointment went smoothly My balance is not so great and my reflexes aren't either, otherwise physically, things aren't that bad.

My doctor wants to try mega doses of vitamin D. This seems to be the latest treatment for MS. I have to have a blood test first and then will most likely take about 4,000 units a day to start. I was just too tired to go for the blood test today. I'm already taking 1,000 units a day as a supplement, so I'm part way there.

I don't know what the big deal was about the Health Canada report. The doctor there DID, recommend for me to work at home and my neuro DID, give a diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS. Yes, there was a suggestion I go see a psychiatrist but that was not mandatory, as my employer insisted. I discussed it with my doctor and he said that's a standard recommendation when an individual is diagnosed with an illness like MS.

I explained to him that at the time (last fall) I was so stressed out about my work situation that I was depressed and I did feel suicidal. When you are losing half your pay cheque due to illness and your employer is stone walling, on top of the MS, that would make most anybody depressed. Regardless of how low I was feeling, I would never have killed myself.

What happened is instead of trying to resolve my work situation my employer focused on one thing. Lets pack her off to a shrink and he will fix her up. If that doesn't work, we will pension her off and be done. Not sure if it's lack of caring,laziness, or both. Luckily, a court case( Lloyd vs CRA) came along just at the right time to help me out. Now things aren't that bad at work. I'm at home four days and one day in the office per week.

I've decided to move on and look ahead. Will I forgive and forget ? NO !!

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Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
Came by to say hello, glad your tests went well.
Tell more about vitamin D, what sort of effects will mege doses have on MS?
Have a good day tomorrow.