Sunday, November 1, 2009

Standard Time

A beautiful mild day today for the start of Standard Time. Why can't we leave the clocks alone and stop this nonsense of day light savings time. What exactly are we saving?
My stairs and walkway are finished at last! A few finishing touches still to do but at least I can use my front door again. How nice to have shallower stairs and a wider path. I went out tonight to organize the recycling and it was effortless to climb up and down. Ah! relief for my wonky knees. I'll take some photos once everything is done. Next will be the windows and doors to be replaced.All this reno work, maybe I should have torn the house down and started over.

It's official. There isn't enough Swine Flu vaccine to go around. The clinics are still on for this week, yet only for high risk groups. Apparently there was a foul up at the plant producing the vaccine. Shots for regular folks won't be available for several weeks. The chief medical officer said they weren't expecting such a high turn out at the clinics. Well what did they expect? They have bombarded us with ads to "get the shot" "get the shot" and now that we have decided "OK I will get the shot" they don't have enough. If they don't have them available again before Christmas, I'm not even going to bother. Seems rather pointless. What a total cock up of a mess, the way this whole situation has been handled. I wonder what would happen if we had a serious plague? Best not to think about it.

I switched my cable t.v. channel line up this weekend. So many channels I didn't watch anymore. I now have Silver Screen Classics, which is turning out to be a great channel. I watched "A Night To Remember" this evening. The 1958 version of the sinking of Titanic. When I first saw it as a girl it made quite an impression on me Although the recent version by James Cameron is good I still prefer this one. Not sure if that's due to nostalgia or not. Anyway, I'm a movie nut, so this will be a great way to pass the dark, chilly, winter nights.

Well even with an extra hour I seem to have used up my day. Time to shut everything down and get ready for sleep.

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