Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's No Picnic

The gloomy, rainy, weather, has me in a funk. I really shouldn't be complaining about 11C temperatures considering that furnace use is at a minimum and I still don't need my winter coat.

I'm simply frustrated at the return of the pulsing in my ears and the pain in my left foot. I was fine and then out of nowhere the whooshing started and the pain, and now I feel crummy. Crummy because I wanted so bad to rest this afternoon due to a major fatigue jag. No luck though. Think I'll have an early vapour session this evening. I have to attend a "town hall meeting" tomorrow and with the entire group from work there, the last thing I need is to be all shriveled. They have enough to gossip about. I'm in no mood for the "poor Carole" or "she's faking it" comments. Whispered of course! Not only that, the agenda promises to be extremely boring. I don't do boring so good these days.

Strange that I had to see a news story about a recall of swine flu vaccine in Canada, on BBC World. Nothing about it in the local media. 178,00 doses were recalled by Glaxo Smith Kline, due to higher than normal allergic reactions which included breathing problems, rashes, and shock. I guess they thought the big story was a deer running around downtown Toronto.

At least I did get to see a movie I have heard about over the years "Mr Hulot's Holiday". The misadventures of Mr Hulot and his fellow vacationers was funny and
made me think of a few holidays I've had like that. Now in summer when anyone says to me "Lets rent a cottage on the shores of( insert name of Great Lake) for a week" I pretend I don't hear them. More about that another time. I need to shower and get my "medicine" ready. Gee I sound like those old ladies who sip their therapeutic brandy.