Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Beauty Racket

Didn't go for a walk today and now I feel strange, like I really have missed something.
I feel just as tired and weak too as if I had walked the 5k. Resting doesn't seem to make a difference with Ms. I've had 3 months off work and I don't feel any different.

Today was a day for beauty routines and phone calls . These days the beauty racket takes longer and is more expensive . I remember many years ago I bought a new type of face cream.
The sales clerk realized after I paid that she had charged me double . I hadn't noticed. She felt really bad and apologized . I made a joke saying that maybe in ten years I would have to pay that much . Well that time is here, and no way am I telling how much I paid . Hey! it's another Libra trait, vanity.

Chatting with my mum today I had a bit of a cry (she too is a Libra ) She was asking me about work and I was fine telling her, then suddenly I started crying . She was actually pretty good about it, very positive. Usually she won't tolerate weakness or tears . Tells me I'm too intelligent to feel sorry for myself, which I don't get. Emotions have nothing to do with brain power, I don't think.
Then I talked for awhile with a friend. He told me about an EBay seller he thought had ripped him off. Turns out the woman had been in the hospital for a month and found out she has MS.
You have to be really sick to be hospitalized that long. They only let you stay for the minimum time you need to recover. That news didn't exactly cheer me up.

My son is trying to convince me to go solar. He has a small solar panel in his room that he uses to charge a portable battery . It works pretty good. If I could have one thing solar it would be a hot water tank. I told him to cost it out and I would think about it.

Honestly today I felt like crap


Nat@London Calling said...

Cheap face cream is a false economy, you buy twice as much and it ends up costing you the same as you'd have spent on the expensive stuff!

Diane J Standiford said...

Solar is good. I've hd MS for over 20 years and hear stories of long hospitalizations...don't understand, knock on wood. I'm Aries, but have many Libra friends.

Diane J Standiford said...

PS I paid FIFTY BUCKS for a buzz cut today. Grrrr

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! nat
Yes very true about the cream I have lots of half used jars of the cheap stuff .

Taxingwoman said...

Hmm interesting because Aries and Libra are not a good match both being Cardinal signs. I too have Aries friends