Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Return from the South West

Here you can see Franklin National Park, El Paso and La Posta, my favourite restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

I'm back from my trip visiting friends in Texas and New Mexico. It was wonderful ! I miss them already. Yeah I know I'm crazy to go to such hot sunny places . Well the weather is pretty darn hot and miserable here, so why not ?

It's unfortunate that America has such a tarnished reputation abroad . All the people I meet there during my travels are friendly decent folks. My home town could certainly learn a few things about manners and hospitality from them ( merchants , shopkeepers, take note). It's also a shame that there is such animosity toward the Mexicans, they too being some of the nicest, friendliest, people. Not to mention that I love authentic Mexican food. I do understand Americans being concerned about illegal immigration, however, after seeing Juarez Mexico, if I lived there, I'd be jumping the fence. In North America, we really, truly, don't understand the poverty others live in.
What I think the answers are would fill pages and pages of my blog, so I'm not going there.

Went walking in Franklin National Park, which is near El Paso. Luckily, it was an overcast day and there was a nice breeze . They've had lots of rain so the plants are putting on a good show.

How much I want to retire and move down to the South West . Even though it isn't the best place for a person with MS, it is tugging at my heart.

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occam said...

I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the Southwest US. I was so enamored of it that I left your neighborhood and moved here 20 years ago.
The desert is so green right now. But most people don't see it like this because they come in the winter.
I don't know if heat and dry weather (generally) is good for MS but it has been good for me.
Most people I know here are happy to have visitors and welcome them, and many even help illegal immigrants although that is illegal. I do agree that when I am in the Northeast I find I am the only person smiling at strangers. Maybe all our sunshine just warms our hearts down here in the SW US.