Saturday, July 26, 2008

Humidty and Bugs I've Never Seen Before

What kind of bugs are these?

You can see that the swan family is doing well. The ducks look happy too.

I've recovered from two days of being in a miserable funk .
Besides that, my wireless internet was acting up, possibly due to all the storms we've had. We had another whopper of a thunderstorm today. At least my basement is dry . There was an article in the local paper about flooding problems in homes because of the outdated sewer system. A wet, smelly, moldy, basement can be very depressing, and certainly unhealthy.

Even though the temperature outside is a pleasant 25C and there's a nice breeze, the humidity is a killer. I came back home from my walk tonight completely soaked in perspiration ( OK sweat).
Had to head straight to a cool shower to recover. Now I feel good, no pains and no fatigue.

Tomorrow is the last day of my time off. I've had family and friends convince me that I should stick it out at work and everything will be fine. They are very logical and sensible. I know it would be better for me to hang in there at least one more year . So why do I keep getting this sinking feeling inside ?


occam said...

Those are "red" bugs.
Ha ha ha!
I'd hate to find those in my bed!

Taxingwoman said...

My friend said they are "squash bugs"
Fortunately,not on my property and far away from it.