Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Day You See a Unicorn

Went walking around the park at Dundurn Castle this evening. Forgot my camera, so here's a photo of it from last year. It still looks the same.The little red circle is around a toyI hosted for toy voyagers.He's still traveling the world. I think he's in Taiwan now.

My son always jokes that when I forget my camera that's when I'll see a Unicorn.

Speaking of my son : He found out last night, that he's been hired as a staff writer for the university newspaper "The Underground". His first assignment will be to cover Frosh week. He also received funding for his independent newspaper "Surface". Good Luck Billy !

Normally I try not to read too much into horoscopes; today's is sending me a message I think.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 23)

Wait and see. Let someone play his or her cards first and you'll see what your next step should be.

Perhaps it has something with my meeting at work tomorrow ? If you are reading this, send some positive vibes my way please. It would be most appreciated.

My 3 months off was great. Well worth the loss in salary . Now I just have to finish paying it off, ha ha. Didn't accomplish much, like building a bridge or anything( not that I know how to do that).

To have time, precious time , to think, mediate, and enjoy pleasant diversions , was a tonic that no drug, no money, no material object, can match.

I'm wearing shorts to work tomorrow. Knee length, slim leg ones. That's a big deal for me since I normally dress up for work. Not anymore. I'm through climbing the career ladder and if I can't have anything else, I should at least be comfortable.

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