Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Outdoor Swim

Too many ugly grey envelopes in the mail today . Those kooks where I work have now sent my doctor 3 separate requests for the same information . I think it's "covering their backsides " time .My manager also sent me an e mail filled with many "buts" and "howevers", meaning she's not planning to do squat for me.

Decided to lock in my mortgage before the rates go up again and pay off my debts . It won't really cut into my equity all that much . I've already cut up 2 credit cards and will never, ever, get mixed up in one of those don't pay for a year deals again.

Had my first outdoor swim of the summer this evening. The water was cool, but it felt great . Not crowded either, so there was plenty of room to do a few laps and float around with a pool noodle. If the weather is mild this weekend I might be brave and go during the day. Never thought I would have to avoid the sun and heat . I use to be such a sun worshiper .

Tomorrow is Farmers Market in the morning. Maybe they will have Raspberries. Yummy !

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