Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy MS Cures and Causes

Yesterday a very well intentioned person gave me an article to read about aspartame.
A very hysterical article claiming aspartame causes most illnesses,including MS. Now I'm not saying it couldn't be a cause and I did give up my Diet Cokes because of aspartame. Not because I thought it would lessen my MS or improve my health directly. I think the most sensible arguement against aspartame is that it causes an insulin response in the body. You taste sweet in your mouth. Even though it is fake sweet, your mind doesn't know the difference and assumes it to be real sugar. Your body starts pumping more insulin into your bloodstream, only there is no sugar to balance it. Result is you either eat more or crave sugar to maintain a balance. That leads to weight gain and even diabetes. So I suppose that not consuming aspartame keeps me healthier, which helps me cope with MS.

I just get annoyed at over simplistic,unproven, theories (and they are always internet articles) written by people who always seem to have an angle or warped sense of public duty( things ______ fill in the blank, they don't want you to know!!).

The internet is great,yet at the same time it is overloaded with all sorts of crack pots claiming to have knowledge about causes of disease and cures. The cures most often involve a special diet, which features unpalatable drinks (swamp water anyone?) hard to follow exercise plans ( marathons etc.) half baked philosophies (I love having MS !!!) and unconventional treatments ( magnetic bracelets) If they work, great, even if it is placebo, however if they don't , well that's because you didn't stick with it, or you didn't really believe. Good cop outs.

This morning I saw an ad for an herb steamer, which claims breathing the steamed herbal air can cure almost anything. Maybe it smells nice, and maybe that can create a sense of well being, but I think that's about it.It ain't gonna cure nothin. Better off to use the herbs in your cooking for some tasty food.That will make you feel good. Just don't eat too much.



One of those crackpots is trying to infiltrate the MS blogging scene. Funny thing is - if you challenge his stance or providing a contrasting point of view, he deletes the comment from his site.

Today's video just about takes the cake.

Ana said...

I saw your comment at Herrad and I have to admit that your avatar impressed me.
Thank you for explaining about aspartame.
I don't like it.

Taxingwoman said...

Lisa Thanks for the link. Psycho Cybernetics ! Ok I'm imagining I'm
Queen of the Universe and I command my MS to be gone !
I would would laugh ,only this guy is a dangerous crack pot.

Diane J Standiford said...

Of course I couldn't agree with you more.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I was just going through your past blogs and had to laugh because someone sent that same info to my Dad and he printed it out and mailed to me to read. Of course he was really excited thinking that this would cure me of MS. LOL!!! Anyways I know that they say a lot about aspartame and I have backed off of it a little but I too think it is funny how they just claim that it causes MS. Anyways loved your blog about it.