Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Know It All

Been spending my time reading other blogs and posting know it all comments. Really should stay on my own soap box here. Not a bad day today The Peregrines have returned!
Saw them flying around my neighbourhood today.
I missed the annual union meeting tonight. I came home with the intention of getting changed,having dinner, and then off again. As usual my haunted house conspired against me. The dishwasher wouldn't drain and the water backed up in the two sinks. Had to go out and buy Liquid Plumber at the local convenience store,which means I paid a million dollars for it. By the time I cleaned the mess and waited to see if the dishwasher was draining properly,it was six o'clock and I was exhausted. Ah !let the healthy people go to the meeting.

Speaking of meetings I have another torture session on Friday I hate Friday meetings. If they go badly I stew about it all weekend and if they go well. What am I saying! They never go well these days.

Saw an article in the paper about the optimist gene. Guess I don't have that one

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Diane J Standiford said...

I've heard of the optomist gene, I think it runs in my family. The good spelling gene---not so much.