Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leaky Basement

Well it never fails, every weekend it's something. Because the massive piles of snow are melting so quickly, the drain is backing up and I have water in my basement. Not all that much and only in one corner, still though it's frustrating. The city never cleans up at our end of the street . Because my street ends at an intersection and then continues further south , after a sharp left, then right turn, we are forgotten. How many people have said to me "Oh I didn't know that street went so far west" Sometimes that can be a good thing, to be forgotten. Street cleaning day not being one of those times.
It's supposed to be above freezing all week. Hope my house doesn't float away.

Did the usual cooking marathon this morning. Friday night I had run out of easy things to cook so we went to a new Indian buffet place. The food was excellent, fresh and lots of variety . Not a bad deal either, considering they included soft drinks with free refills. I ate way too much, which is always the danger with all you can eat buffets. The staff were very friendly . Nice to know there's a place close by to have dinner that is good, when I don't feel good. Gee ! that's most of the time.

My typing and printing are getting much worse. For example I wanted to type" time" and instead typed "mind" and I'm not even going fast.Bizarre. I'm screwing up my postcards too. I know what I have to print, yet I'm getting the letters mixed up. At least on a computer it's easy enough to correct .
I also had this odd sensation today while brushing my teeth. It felt like there was something on my arm, like a hair or drops of water, only there wasn't anything. It kept happening and I kept on trying to wipe it away, yet nothing was there. And how the heck has this tingle managed to get up into my left arm ?

The dentist from U of T called. I have an appointment in March for yet another consultation about the dental implants. They keep changing the diagnosis. First it was yes , then no, then maybe. I think it's back to yes now. I can't afford to get them done privately as my plan won't pay and no way do I want anymore crowns done. What an expensive torture that is.
Can't think of any other thing I spend so much money on that I hate so much, except maybe having my basement dug up.

There's a movie on t.v. tonight that I've never heard of "A Deadly Affair" with Simome Signoret( did it again, typed" seemore") and James Mason. The last time I saw her was in "Daibolique" on the french channel .The 1950's one, not the crappy remake with Sharon Stone. What a scary, weird, excellent movie !

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