Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vitamin D and MS

An article in The Independent today, about the link between vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and higher risk of MS for the child. This reminds me of the link between spina bifida and folic acid deficiency. Cases of spina bifida have dropped significantly since women began taking a supplement early in their pregnancy . Perhaps prevention will be the answer for MS? Pregnant women will be advised to take a vitamin D supplement during pregnancy. It wouldn't eliminate all cases of MS since there are still genetic and enviromental influences. At least it would be a step in the right direction and what harm would a vitamin supplement do anyway.

I notice the British papers always have stories about MS, more so than the ones here. Wonder why that is ? Canada has a high rate of MS, yet I hardly ever see or hear any news about it.

Another meeting at work this afternoon, long and tiring, but positive. My new union rep is very energetic and is herself a duty to accomodate worker. She has first hand knowledge of the process which should help speed things up. Well how could they go any slower ? I was compiling documents for her and some go back to 2006. Meanwhile I try to hang in there ,but it's getting harder.


Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on your goal - to stay working. If you remember that through all the crap they throw at you, it will get you through.

We get BBC news here in Pennsylvania on cable and it is amazing how much news they have and how different it is from USA. During the Bush years, the news was very censored - example: not showing dead soldiers being returned home in caskets, intense on the ground fighting abroad, ACCURATE dead count, etc.

If you watch BBC, their count of the US dead soldiers is nearly double than what the US says.

Also health reports are at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of US.

Just as an aside: I tried to get a generic drug here in US and I was told it was not available. The brand name of the drug sells for $468 for 90 day supply retail. On my plan it would be $158. I get the generic from Canada for 90 day supply for $128. Another example of the US stealing from us by not making generics available when there actually is a generic out there to be had.

Ugh, I get so mad.

Hang in there at work. Sounds like you have a fighter working with you.

Taxingwoman said...

Glad we can help out with your medications Anne
Thanks for the support