Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poor Blog

Poor blog I've been neglecting it. I've been indulging in my postcard hobby and Oh! so nice to be able to walk on the streets with no snow or ice. Above is a shot of the steel mill, which use to be Canadian, was bought by Acelor(France), which was bought by Mitaal(India) and then by Rio Tinto(Brazil). Now ChinaAlco, is buying up Rio Tinto, shares, because they are broke.All this in the space of a year.Crazy globalism
My son mentioned that even though steel production is way down, tin is way up. Why?
People are buying more canned food due to rising food prices and the recession. That's sad,although it is keeping the mill busy and workers employed. There have been so many layoffs.The plant where my son has a part time job has cut an entire day of production and cut staff.

My shopping trip to Toronto on Saturday was enjoyable,with a super fast commute.I took the 6:20 bus home and was in my house changing clothes,by 7:07. If it was always like thatI would never have transferred from Toronto.Then I remember those awful rush hour commutes,of 90 minutes and even 2 hours. No way do I want to go through that again.I have said this many times.We need a dedicated bus lane on the highway.That will never happen because the car is still king around here,so we are left with a half assed public system. When it works it's brilliant, when it doesn't,it's a nightmare.

Been a week now since I quit the Amantadine. I can't say that I notice any difference. The main reason I started taking it was to help me get through the work day and avoid taking so many days off.That didn't happen.I have taken a record number of sick days the past couple of months,therefore I see no point in continuing on a drug that had minimal effect. The side effects were not that big a deal but enough of a nuisance to be glad they are gone. What drug next? I don't know Right now I need to concentrate on losing a few pounds,well more than a few, several. The days are getting longer and if this decent weather holds up I'll be able to do some longer walks and not be worried about falling.
Can't give a work update right now except to say things are moving along.It really hit the fan last week, which is a good thing. I should have some news by the end of this week. Not that I'm holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

You wrote:

"What drug next? I don't know Right now I need to concentrate on losing a few pounds,well more than a few, several."

Carole: I stopped taking all the prescription fatigue drugs many years ago because of their side effects and my work schedule. I messed around with the dosages and my schedule and it still didn't work for me.

Because I do not have a "set" sleep schedule due to sporadic working 11P-7AM shifts, I take an over the counter energy pill a few days a week, depending on my work schedule.

It is a weight loss drug called Xenadrine NRG 8 Hour Power, put out by Cytodyne company. There are 120 doses in the bottle for $45.00 and because I only take it three days a week, it lasts me for more than six months. TRY IT for one month - shorter term may not show you many results.

I have suggested this to other MSers: that three days a week (ever other day) is very beneficial to help with energy problems and that the TIME of the day that you take it is very IMPORTANT. So if you have to be to work at 8AM, somewhere on those many trips to the bathroom during the night, to put one out to take around 5AM. It has a 3 hour set up time (the time it takes for the med to kick in) so it won't interrupt your last hour or two of sleep. During the day, refrain from caffeine products (sodas, tea, coffee, chocolate products). I have noticed that a cup of tea will jump start it before I have to hit the ground running for work and tends to give me jitters. Decaf is ok.

When you get home from work, still refrain from caffeine. It says 8 hour power, but in me, it lasts nearly 12 hours. Others have told me 10 hours. The reason I suggest every other day is because it can interrupt "regular" sleep patterns.

If you have ANY heart problems, don't use this pill. It can cause heart palpitations and can lower your blood pressure.

Regarding weight loss, because I don't take it according to the label, I can't say I notice GREAT losses, but I do see some loss....about two pounds a month. When I took it correctly (when out on LOA or vacation), I have lost up to ten pounds a month. But because of my work schedule, I can't take it every day. I work every other day as part of my ADA's.

I have been using this for about nine years now and it works for me.
Let me know if you do try it for a month and how it works out for you.


Amelia said...

Hi there,
Glad to see you are up to writing again! I hope you are feeling better.
I agree there is no point taking something that is not helping. I have had that in the past, I have tried so many pain medications without much real success. I am currently on Tramadol, which is bearable!
I look forward to communicating with you some more!
Love & hugs
Amelia XxXxX

Taxingwoman said...

Anne Thanks once again for the excellent tip I'm going to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and look for that.
I'll let you know how it works out.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Amelia I've been reading your blog I like it. Yeah there's no magic pill.