Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fall Girl

Had another fall,the fourth one now this winter. A real spectacular one. The entire right side of my body is sore ouch, ouch. At least I can walk normally and since I'm an almost total left hander can still work. This time I can't say it has anything to do with MS. It's simply that the sidewalks and roads are skating rinks,with lots of black ice out there. I have to give up my morning short cut and stick to the heavily salted main streets. The temperatures are supposed to be above normal all week going up to 11C today. That should get rid of the mess. It would be nice to not have anymore snow, but that's very unrealistic.

Had another very long,boring,meeting yesterday about my medical accommodation.A woman who is on the new team reviewing all the claims, and my union rep,trying to sort out the whole mess. They have decided the best way to proceed is to cut out the middle men/women, and go to the top.I certainly have more than enough documentation! They can never say(management) I didn't go through the proper channels(which got me nowhere) or that I didn't cooperate fully. In fact I was told I gave too much information and was too co operative. Well, I think that the old saying "give them enough rope" applies, and will work to my advantage.I also know that I'm not alone in having my case drag on endlessly.

One thing is certain. I can't handle anymore of these long meetings.I came out of that one exhausted and feeling feverish. My rep is going alone to the next one on Thursday. I think that best. She's a good speaker,has lots of confidence and has been through all this herself. I'll post an update later in the week. Maybe with some good news? (son in background :"we've heard that before")

I really wish on the morning news they wouldn't show a report about a mummy casket being opened. Doesn't go well with my bagel and tea.

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Your case certainly has been going on a very long time. It's been, what?, about a year now. So sorry that you're being put through so much.

And I sincerely hope that the pain from this last fall resolves quickly. ouch.