Monday, February 16, 2009

Zero Patience

Know a good way to open a make up compact when you can't figure out how it opens?
Smash it on the floor. Yeah that's what I did and it worked. OK, it is broken now and I did waste some of the make up. I think I'm so fed up with things not working, and excuses, and everything, that my patience is shot.

So it's smashing time, as the kids in the movie "Hope and Glory" use to say. This is old lady make up,or as my young co worker refers to us "mature women"(thanks for the compliment,now go away) Don't these companies realize that I can't see that great in the morning,I'm rushing, and I really don't have time to fiddle with a silly container.

Had some good news today at work but I can't tell yet. Soon

Barbie is fifty today. That really makes me feel mature.

Interesting news story in The Independent today. The former head of MI5 stated that governments are using the threat of terrorism to curb civil liberties. I know that we are overly concerned at my office with security. You can barely move without needing a key or an electronic pass to get around. We have keys for cabinets with keys. I have a dozen pass words in order to use all the systems and have to change them every couple of months. The computer keeps track of every password I have used in the past and won't allow me to use them again. We can't send external email or use the internet, only the approved intra net. It gets very tiresome.

Good line in the Kung Fu movie tonight "Sorry to tell you this, but you must die"


Diane J Standiford said...

Smash your card key. Have the retina reader yet? Insane.

Taxingwoman said...

Hey Lady Where have you been ?

Guess I should drop by and see.

Nat@London Calling said...

Wow, that is security and then some! I don't know how I'd keep up thinking passwords and then remembering them!

My favourite 'security' measure was a few years back when I was based on site and we had one laptop computer which everyone kept forgetting the log in for, so it was written on a sticker and stuck near the keyboard along with the legend "[name of company], security is our watchword"

Taxingwoman said...

Nat that is funny. We would get fired if we tried to do that.