Friday, April 24, 2009

Hitchcock And Smokes

Watched an old film tonight on the public T.V. station "Suspicion". Alfred Hitchcock, sucked me right in with a clever plot.Through the entire movie I was convinced the main character (played by Cary Grant) was a murderer and then ...... Shouldn't give it away. Interesting shadow effect in a couple of scenes,that looks like a giant spider web when the wife is there and like prison bars when it's the husband.

I like every Hitchcock movie I have seen: The 39 Steps,The Birds, The Lady Vanishes, Dial M for Murder,Foreign Correspondent, Life Boat, Marnie, North by North West, Psycho, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train,To Catch a Thief, Vertigo.

After, to fill in time because the movie was only 90 minutes (yeah imagine that,less than two hours) they had an old T.V. show "I've Got A Secret". Oh! the shameless promotion of cigarettes! The host and guests all smoking, lots of ads with a catchy jingle " Winston's taste good,like a cigarette should" and the contestants walking away with their prize of a carton of smokes. Any wonder everybody smoked back then?
What do they promote now,that we will find out in twenty years is killing us? I can think of at least twenty things.

Week three of working at home two days. I can't emphasize enough how beneficial it is. The big meeting next week has been changed to Wednesday. That's when I get my "report card" on how I'm doing and hopefully get the green light to work full time at home starting in May. The phone install has been delayed too, till next Thursday. Couldn't help feeling slightly paranoid about that,thinking they don't want to install it because they might not let me continue with tele work and it's all a plot to come up with excuses not to. See how messed up my mind is? After all the nonsense I've been through, I don't trust anybody.

It's supposed to be a nice, mild, sunny, weekend and I'm taking a vacation day Monday. The tulips are just about to pop in the front yard Maybe I can take some pictures to post here another day.

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