Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiet and cold

Quiet day at work ,hardly anybody around. Some people like to take advantage of the shorter week to use less vacation time. It's cold and gloomy out, so I'm better off working.
This is week two of my working at home, this time Thursday and Friday. Next week I'm taking Monday off and then will work two more days at home. I would like to get to the end of April without having to take any unpaid sick leave. I still have some days to pay off.

This past week Iv'e been experiencing more pain, having to take a double shot of ibuprofen twice per day.Even the tiniest thing like a tag in the back of a sweater hurts me, whereas before, it would have just been annoying. All my shoes hurt now too, including my walking shoes. I keep walking though. I don't care how much hurts.

My next door neighbour (the OK one) came to talk to me about building a new fence on her side. Did I mind that it would be six feet, with an additional foot of privacy lattice? Mind ?! "Hey lady" I wanted to say, "make it ten feet" the more privacy the better.
I just wish the wacko neighbour on the opposite side was as agreeable. The fence there is a mess. I would gladly pay the works to have it rebuilt. Only problem is she is a busy body and will drive me nuts nit picking. I might just get some vines to grow on the fence or put a tall grass plant there.

Not sick of ham yet even after eating it three times today.

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