Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Midnight Madness

The list universe has a Top Ten Midnight Movies list . One on the list is "Rocky Horror Picture Show" which reminds me of when I worked at KFC. I was in highschool and worked part time as a cashier, bagger. Back then you had to wear this goofy striped uniform and a silly hat. I notice they have better uniforms ,but I'm sure the job still sucks as much as when I did it. I always try to be nice to service workers unless they are rude, then I blast them.
Anyway this KFC was next door to the "Original 99 Cent Roxy" a movie theater. Every Saturday night they would show Woodstock or Rocky Horror. I hated it because either the burnt out hippies were coming in trying to order hamburgers( Sorry we only sell chicken, and asking 20 times won't get you a hamburger) or the crazies in drag; including my own brother wearing a corset, black cape, and red lipstick !

I wonder if his kids know that their conservative, plaid shirt,khaki pants, Dad, was an eccentric in his youth.

I also won a contest a couple of years ago thanks to that job. Not much,just a hat, but a cool one, with the CBC Radio 3 logo on it. Folks refer to it as a Castro hat.

The contest was "tell us about your worst job ever". I told about the time at KFC when I complained to my boss about the cooks harrasing me. My boss replied" I don't know why you're complaining,I only hired you because you have a nice ass!"

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