Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mild, Cold, Mild,Cold


Excuse the blurry photos I took them on my way to work this week to show the crazy weather, mild one day, snow the next.

Tomorrow is my first day working at home. I was at a training seminar today which was extremely boring. Had no choice to attend, it was mandatory for everyone . What I hate at these things is when people start bragging about their job "oh I have done this" and "I have done that" and then they drone on about one of their files. Yeah and the whole place would fall apart if they weren't around.

I felt so lonely today and was missing my old home. I don't seem to have a very good grip on my emotions lately. I'm wondering if it's all the work stress getting to me or does MS turn you into a nut case ?

I'm off Friday and Monday for Easter holiday. It's going to be a nice break
My only concern is cooking this ham that I bought. It's gigantic. The result of me not paying attention when I ordered groceries. Truth is, I don't really like ham all that much as a meal, but I was bored with turkey.. I think I'll make one dinner of it and save the rest for sandwiches or ham and eggs. I'm planning to try and make a banana cream pie from scratch too.
I'm so tired can't even type


Anonymous said...

It is stress, just keep telling yourself that. If you give in that it is MS, too many things can follow.

So it is stress!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

MS doesn't MAKE stress but it sure doesn't like it. Ham, you go girl.