Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice Enough For A Long Walk

A few shots taken on the trail late this afternoon. I'm disappointed that the ones I took of the waterfall didn't turn out. The only time of the year you can even see it is when the trees are bare. Oh well, I'm glad I at least had the energy to go for a walk up there. The weather is pleasant and should be even milder. I have a bet on with my son that we will get more snow before April 15th Even though I don't want more snow, no way will we be that lucky and have nice clear sidewalks till next November.

Yesterday I forgot to mention Habitat for Humanity. They had a booth at the home show. Turns out, they will come to your home and tear out your kitchen, take everything away at no charge, and even give you a tax receipt for any salvageable items . All for a good cause too. Now I'm thinking that along with all the other incentives, I have no more excuses to get some work done around the house. That is except for money, which I will have to borrow.
Depressing health news stories today. The bad economy is resulting in bigger sales of junk food, as people look for cheap eats. That glass of red wine everyday, increases a woman's risk of breast cancer . A million women can't be wrong.

I really hate this new set up on blogger I can't tell what the heck anything looks like till I publish my post and have to keep coming back to revise it. Grrr!

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