Monday, March 9, 2009

Economic Woes Hit Home

Seems like every day there is more gloomy economic news . My son had a decent part time job working in a pasta factory . He's a student attending university and the job fit well with his schedule. Every week he had at least two full shifts and sometimes a third one. Friday- Sunday evenings. Bonus was that they had employee give away nights and he always brought home nice packages of fresh pasta. Now in less than a month he's down to 5 hours this week and possibly no work at all this weekend. It happened so fast The factory decided to shut down on Sundays, the following week Saturdays and Sundays and this week only part shifts on Fridays.

I remember a couple of months ago when we were in the supermarket and I was checking out the price of fresh pasta . I haven't bought any in ages as I prefer the dry stuff. To me it has more body and better taste. I was stunned at the price. One package of Tortellini stuffed with Italian sausage was $8.00 and that's without sauce.The plain pasta noodles were $4.0o for a very skimpy looking amount. I wondered who bought this stuff. I made a comment that the way the economy was going people would stop buying it and go back to the cheap pasta. Why did I have to be right ?

It isn't a tragedy,it just sucks.

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