Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mush Brain Commentary

Taking it easy today. I hate to say how tired I am. I will anyway. I'm so tired !!
Too tired to even write anything and I'm hoping this post won't be incomprehensible
If you are reading this and it comes across as a bunch of gobbly gook, sorry. Can't seem to get my head and hands to cooperate with me.

Funny how things can drag on so long and then suddenly they start moving so fast. There has been more progress on my "duty to accommodate" this week, than in the past 18 months. The recent labour relations decision, which I mentioned in an earlier post, and a union conference studying the impact of that case, seems to have energized the entire process. There are definite time lines in place now, so the next couple of weeks should be interesting. Wish I could say more, only I know there are readers of my blog who are in fact back stabbing weasels, just waiting for that one comment they can twist to get me for violating confidentiality.

Weird how it's my life but I can't talk about it. Blogs aren't private. No, they are in fact very public and can get you into lots of trouble. Just like Facebook, which I avoid like the plague. Too many people on there who think it's some private little club, were you can say and do whatever you want. No, the petty authoritarian minions, are out there gleefully looking for the tiniest thing they can use against you. What they get out of it I really don't know.

Don't get the idea I'm some brave soldier here,fighting the good fight. I broke down in tears more than once this week, from pure exhaustion.

All I can say to anyone who is considering a fight,(and it does turn into a fight). Think very hard about what you want, why you want it. Be aware of how slow justice can be, how time consuming and bureaucratic. Can you handle getting up every day to face your tormentors for days, weeks, months, years ? Can you take the financial and emotional costs ? It's hard enough doing it when you're fit. Rough when you're not. If you do decide it's worth it, don't give up, but also remember, sometimes life just ain't fair.

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Diane J Standiford said...

No, it is not fair. We the weaker links should be pulled up by the stronger...sadly, that is rare. Just don't fight till ya die, mate. Look for a helping hand and kind heart. Gees, I know that fight, but I had friends who really helped and my anger carried me the rest of the way. PS--You are sooooo right about Facebook.