Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bigger Not Better

Have been neglecting my blog this week as I have too many other writing projects.
Never thought standing up for my rights would involve so much writing. Endless letters, forms, memos, emails and reports. It's getting close to the dead line for management to make a decision,one way or the other.

A couple of news stories about drug company mergers this week. Have to go searching for the links as I have lost them. Merck-Schering and Roche-Genentech. To me this is not good news.I don't think bigger is better and the conspiracy theorist in me believes that these mergers are just a way to stifle competition and do nothing to promote better treatments. Look for layoffs too, as they cut costs to cover the debt needed to pay for these mergers.

I'm experimenting with energy boosting drinks to help me get through the work day.
In the early afternoon I drink one tin of a 100 calorie drink that contains 75mg of caffeine, guarine, and B vitamins. Now before you start to tut tut. I only drink this on work days and I always limit myself to one per day. I'm not a coffee drinker and I drink caffeine free tea in the evenings. To tell the truth, it works much better than the anti fatigue drugs I was taking and doesn't have the lousy side effects.Considering I use to drink 3 to 4 diet colas everyday that didn't work that great and contained that poison aspartame, this is not a big deal. I'm also not collapsing in the evening the way I use too. I'll update next week. Hoping this is a temporary measure.

Had grim news from the dentist. No matter what alternative he suggests to fix my teeth, they all involve unpleasantness and big wads of cash.

At least I did bake an excellent skillet apple pie. You peel and slice apples,I chose Empires, and mix them with some apple cider or apple juice. I used an organic juice only because it was the smallest container I could find at the supermarket. They only sell the regular stuff in humongous containers and I don't drink apple juice. You add a bit of lemon juice to stop the apples going brown. Next you saute the apples in some butter, keeping the juice aside and add then it to the pan after a couple of minutes. You then throw in some brown sugar and maple syrup . Let all that cook a couple more minutes, top it with an unbaked pie crust and bake it in the skillet till the crust is golden brown. Served warm you have this yummy sauce that you can spoon on to the crust when you serve it. A little whipped cream and that is one fantastic dessert. I justify eating it because I was told dieting in the winter leaves you more susceptible to colds and flu.

A man survives the Falls

Well, back to writing the work opus.

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