Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Daylight=More Time ?

Taking a break from proof reading philosophy essays. I guess I should be flattered that my son still values my opinions.

Philosophy is the product of a civilized society. Or is it ? In ancient Greece,the cradle of democracy,they were able to sit around contemplating the meaning of life because they had slaves.In Athens, there were 3 slaves to every citizen.Thomas Jefferson had time to write the Declaration of Independence, because he too had slaves to do all the boring, heavy duty work. I'm not letting Canada off the hook. We have a pretty good history of subjugating those who could do our dirty work for us.There were many indentured servants living in Quebec and Ontario, who had to work for their freedom.

Today, we technically don't have slaves, we simply exploit third world countries so that we can send our children to university, so they can study Philosophy. I guess Philosophy is the product of a highly developed society, rather than a civilized one.

Got lots of free goodies and information at the Home /Garden show yesterday . I wasn't aware of the many government incentives for home renovations. If I get a green audit done of my home, the federal and provincial governments will help me out with either rebates,tax credits, or both. The provincial government will even cover $150. of the $500 audit. I want very much to get some new windows and possibly insulation in the walls on the right side of the house. Now might be the right time to do it, even if I am low on cash.

I did a bit of spring cleaning on my blog. My original idea was to have an entirely new look.I checked out the templates again but didn't see anything different and I'm not one much for decoration anyway. I have a new section called " Stuff I Like" which replaces my "Friends and Family" links. This is a list of blogs and websites unrelated to anything about MS or health issues. I'll be posting comments from time to time about why I like them .If you really hate my uniqlock, please let me know.I like it,but some people find the music distracting. There is a button to adjust the sound if you want.
Is it only me,or does everybody else when posting photos, get gobble gook code instead of being able to see the photos before publishing the post? Very annoying.

If I have my act together today I might head over to the Botanical Gardens. The weather is mild and sunny and they have an indoor bug exhibit. It also helps to have the exta daylight, so that I don't have to rush to get home before dark.
I'm still not use to daylight savings time. My biological clock insists it's still winter and I shouldn't be up so early.Not sure about the name either. What exactly are we saving ?

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