Saturday, June 7, 2008

Deer and Hummers

An early evening walk , this time on the South Shore Trail. It's great to walk there because most of the sun is blocked by the tall trees ,yet there's enough light for it to not feel spooky.
Hey ! we saw a deer.

Last night I read an article about the possible end of the Hummer. I never knew we have Governor Schwarzenegger, to thank for that gas guzzling monstrosity . I say good riddance to
a vehicle that was so good at wasting finite resources .

I decided not to turn on the air conditioning yet and it's not because I'm cheap. I hate not being able to have a window open or use the screen door. Once you turn the air on that's it, it's on steady for 3 months. I love it but I hate too. So perhaps I'll lingerwith the ceiling fans for another day.

Had lots of bad pains last night which kept me awake. As usual, they're gone now without the benefit of pain killers. Freaky phantom pains ?

That's it for me I'm having a nice cool shower now. Tomorrow we might go to the Iris and Peony festival for awhile.

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