Monday, June 16, 2008

Doctor Love

Oh ! I think I'm in love with my new doctor. Well maybe it's a crush, although when he asked what could he do for me I was tempted to suggest the two of us run off together. No, instead I asked him to help me with my work situation. He agreed that a medical accommodation would be right and he will prepare a letter stating that. I'm sure my boss will hum and haw about it not being on official forms, but at least it's a start.

What a difference compared to the other neurologist who was always so rushed and preoccupied. This doctor listened to me and actually seemed interested in what I had to say. It didn't even bother me when he talked about more tests , injections, and symptoms. I even let him touch my feet and I hate having my feet touched !

No injections for me yet. I have to go for another MRI, blood tests, and another EVP. The doctor did mention that the response in my legs when he did a test was not as good as he would have liked, but said not to worry. OK doc I won't worry because I have faith in you and I love you .
Got to the lab too late for blood tests so I'm going to the hospital tomorrow to get that done
Won't the lab vampires be happy. I feel pretty good so I don't mind. Ain't love grand ?


Reut said...

He sounds wonderful! A good doctor can really make all the difference.
PS-- "enjoy" "feeding" the vampires!

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks ! Yeah I wonder how much they will feed ? :)

occam said...

I once had a doctor who was so cute, OMG, I had to tell myself I should think of him like a brother, so I could c..con..concen...concentrate. LOL.

Taxingwoman said...

Yeah I keep having fantasies about him Have to stop that :)