Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Mmm the taste of my first strawberry of the season

Today was a day of errands and practical walks . First thing this morning I went to the Farmer's market looking for local strawberries. The one farmer from Dundas, which is now part of Hamilton, thanks to amalgamation, had what turned out to be yummy, yummy, strawberries. Decided to try one of his green house tomatoes too.
We chatted about food politics. All this talk of buy and eat local is according to him, a load of hype.
The supermarkets aren't interested in their produce and when they are want it cheap. That's because they can get a deal on the California stuff and Oh it's true! Those big, watery, tasteless,
red blobs, are every where. Even the the organic store around the corner sells them. Why do people continue to buy them ? Guess maybe they've never had a chance to try local ones and don't have time to go to the market. Any wonder when a property developer comes along and offers a farmer $5 million for his land, he takes the money and runs off to Florida ? I'm hoping this guy will stick around. (did I say the same thing in a past post ?)

Next stop was to pick up supplies for Mexican dinners. A lady originally from El Salvador, runs a very messy, unorganized shop with food from every hispanic country you can imagine. The supermarkets do have a variety of ethnic foods because our population is so diverse, yet for some reason the Mexican food is in the snack aisle next to the tortilla chips. Mostly corporate Old El Paso offerings.

Lastly, I picked up a large basket of sweet red and orange peppers. A deal at $5.00.

I can't beleive what a weakling I am. I only had two bags of items and it felt like a ton.
Luckily , who came up behind me on my walk up the big, sunny, hill ? My son, who carried it all the rest of the way. So I made him some very good strawberry shortcake with real whip cream.
Too good Too good.

On my second trip out this evening, the guy at the hardware store was incredulous when I asked him for ceiling fan weights.
I had a time convincing him that yes, there was such a thing, and yes, I have bought them at this very store. Hey ! I'm not that much of a space cadet that I imagine such things , at least not yet.
My feet feel like they are vibrating. What the heck is up with that ?



Sounds like you had a good shopping day. Strawberries- yum. I get the vibrating feet too.

mdmhvonpa said...

And that is why I grow my own when I can ... the farms are now all McMansions on postage stamp properties here.

Taxingwoman said...

I'm jealous