Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Just Because I Think Elvis Costello is Cool

Three times today I started this and quit. My mind is a jumble and I feel oddly anxious. .
The trip to Buffalo was great except for the traveling. It's such a hassle to cross the border now with the new security measures. Crossing the Peace Bridge, which use to take maybe 15 minutes, took us over two hours. What is most annoying is that once you cross the bridge , Buffalo is only a few short minutes away. The customs officers were very nice though.
I know people think I'm crazy to go to all that bother to go to an art exhibit. Well I think people are silly to go to Niagara Falls to gamble and Buffalo to shop at an outlet mall. To each his own cultural narcotic.

The art exhibit was fantastic, I loved it, went back three times to experience it. If you ever get a chance to see Jennifer Steinkamp's work, do.

I was also impressed by Buffalo. It use to have a bad reputation.

Before cable tv we use to watch all the US channels from Buffalo. It never failed that on every commercial break there would be a news update featuring either a fire, robbery, or murder ! Walking around there (and we walked plenty) I found it clean, well maintained, and I felt safe. Lots of interesting buildings. I would go back, only the traveling is getting too expensive ( fuel costs) and too much hassles at the border. Just what the border states Govenors fear !

Hey it's a new season of History Detectives tonight , which I think is a cool show.

The only health news is that sexually transmitted diseases have doubled in the past eight years among those over 45. Sorry I lost the link. Blame: Viagra, lack of condom use (Hooray I can't get pregnant anymore!) and increase in singles that age.

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mdmhvonpa said...

As for the age thing ... yeah. Us younger folk got the 'sex is death' thing pounded into us by the media ... sometimes, too much is too much.