Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

Mother Nature , can you give us a break please ?

Thunderstorms today resulted in me missing the rose show, nearly ruined my barbecue, and knocked out the cable. Then it took me 2 hours to get the internet security working again!! Grrr.

Ahh but then all is forgiven. The trail is even greener today thanks to that rain.
In the picture on the left is a pond. It use to be a sewer. The botanical gardens have a reclamation project going to get the area back to nature. They removed a storm sewer and a concrete barrier, which has allowed the creek to come back. They have also established 2 ponds with native plants and amphibians ! It's really going to be nice when it's all done.

Hope I don't have another crazy night. I woke up last night screaming from a nightmare, my heart pounding and I was sweating. I was even afraid to fall back asleep. Can't remember what it was about now. Don't think it's MS related. Is it ?


mdmhvonpa said...

I work in the cable industry ... I'm always AMAZED at how dependent ppl are on their cable service. I always hope that the power fails when the cable does so there is no excuse for reading a book by candle-light.

Taxingwoman said...

I wouldn't mind the cable going down if it didn't screw everything up so much. If there were a better alternative(there isn't ) I'd switch