Thursday, June 5, 2008

8 Things. Do You Do Them ?

Here's an article from the Independent about 8 things Britons don't do any more.

I do some and have pretty good excuses for not doing others.

1. Peeling- Orange sales are down because people don't like peeling them.

During the winter I eat lots of oranges but I don't peel them. I cut them into quarters and add a light sprinkle of salt, a taste I picked up from my Dad. He says it's an Italian thing , but I don't know any other Italians who do it although they are very partial to salt, citrus , and bitter tastes, which I love too. Nothing like a salad of dark greens, lemon dressing , salt and pepper.
I can have salt thanks to my low blood pressure.

2. Lunching

People don't relax and go out for lunch, instead they grab a quick bite at their desk and carry on working.

I have a quick lunch at my desk so I can use my break time to go for a walk. At least that's a healthy reason.

3. Car Washing . Most people use the drive through car wash (what a waste of water and energy) instead of doing it themselves.

I don't have a car . I do remember my Dad enjoying washing his car by hand and polishing it.

4. Writing. Everybody uses Email and IM, rarely writing a snail mail letter.

I don't write letters by hand as my writing is so horrible. I will type a letter in a fancy font and put it in a card.

5. Shaving .
I think modern shavers are better and safer soI don't think giving up the old fashion shave is a great loss.

6. Reading
Is it true people read less ? I don't know because my family and friends are all big readers.

7. Strolling
Nobody has time to go for a leisurely walk.
I walk everyday(no car remember) , strolling ? well depends how much time I have

8. Tea Making

Britons don't have time to make tea ? What is the world coming to ?
I love tea and take the time everyday to make it in a proper tea pot . I like to try different kinds of flavoured black teas and green teas. No bag in a cup for me.

Other than that I think it's redundant for me to mention my MS.

Right now I'm stuffing my face with candy from Finland. One of the side benefits of my post card hobby.


Reut said...


... now I will have to try eating oranges and salt (two things I adore and eat often but never tried the combo :o) )

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! reut
Let me know if you like it.