Monday, June 23, 2008


Proteus, an amphibian who lives in the waters of caves in Slovenia . To me it looks like a plant when it sends out a new shoot. Thanks to Roman for sending me that postcard.

I may as well be a Proteus with all the rain we're getting. At least I timed my errands right this evening and got back home ten minutes before another storm. Ha! for once I didn't get soaked.
I'm a real space cadet every time I go out now. Forgot to mail my postcards tonight and Saturday instead of my shopping list I brought along a list of tips for my Sims game (the juices for those of you who know the game) Naturally I forgot half the stuff I wanted to buy.

Read an article in the health news about a drug company that wants to promote a drug used to treat glaucoma as an eye lash grower. Apparently one of the side effects of Bimatoprost, is long thick lashes.
"We are pleased with the results of our clinical program and believe this innovative program, if approved, could meet a significant and unmet demand in the medical aesthetic marketplace," Scott Whitcup, Allergan's executive vice-president of research and development, said in the release.
Yeah I just bet you are. What you really mean is you will create demand for a drug for something people don't really need.

That's it for now. Didn't accomplish much today ,which causes twinges of guilt.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to find local strawberries at the Farmer's Market.


mdmhvonpa said...

Hrmmm ... a glaucoma drug used to promote longer eyelashes ... or is it just the pot that makes you seem to have longer eyelashes!?

Taxingwoman said...

I don't know I just stick to
mascara ! ;)

occam said...

"Proteus" eh? Very cool amphibian. Neat postcard!
I have a tarantula living alongside my driveway. He sits parked in an old hole, waiting for prey to walk by. Then he darts out and grabs it and backs back into his hidey hole again. Fascinating spiders.