Friday, June 27, 2008

Geese Have the Right Idea

Here are Canada geese cooling off at the harbour. It was hot and very humid today.

Well it's ceiling fan : 3 Carole : 0 . This morning I decided to reattach the lights(see previous post) since a ceiling fan with one light missing is better than no ceiling fan. Combined with the air conditioning, the ceiling fans distribute the cool air nicely . Now I have a fan that is even more unbalanced than before ( see previous post) and looks ugly, and crooked, AND makes a little annoying sound. What is even more annoying is that wherever I sit , the couch, dining room, computer, there it is mocking me , the stupid ceiling fan.

I use to pride myself on being Ms Handy Woman, instead I'm, Ms Weakling Stunned Woman.
My arms got so tired just holding the light kit and putting in a couple of screws. Also my fingers do this weird thing now were they seem to lock and I have to give them a good shake. Had a bit of a cry over that.

I think I must accept that there are some things I can't do as well or not at all anymore and just
move on.

Canada Day coming up soon. Here's an article from CBC about Canadian Icons. I was surprised that in a survey PET was chosen as the person who best defines Canada . We always had a love/hate relationship with the man . At least he stuck by his principles and wasn't a flip flopper like all politicians are now.

I realize tonight that I forgot to get some American money for tomorrow's trip. I might pop in the mall in the morning and see if the currency exchange is open. Some places in the U.S. are so dumb they still don't know our dollar is par or above .

My feet sure are getting beat up from wearing sandals, better go massage them and put some cream on .


Merelyme said...

awww...i am sorry about your hands. i was having trouble with my fork today and thought...soon enough i will have to eat from a trough. lol MS sucks. it just does.

Taxingwoman said...

Or perhaps we will have feed bags around our necks Yikes ! :)