Monday, January 12, 2009

Dr. Wii?

Had a thought about the Wii. Maybe doctors should invest in them? There are so many balance and strength exercises on the Wii fit that include graphs to show your balance for each leg. Messages even pop up while you excercise,with comments like " I notice your left leg is a bit shaky", right on for me. My left leg is the weak one . It's interesting to look at the graphs and compare my right leg, which charts as fairly stable, and my left, which strays all over the graph.
I do better on certain ones, such as the warrior pose in yoga, although once again, the Wiii notices that my left leg is not as strong.

I thought this would be a fun, easy way, for doctors to test a patient's balance and perhaps a therapist could recomend certain excercises ? The board would be disinfected after each use, or cotton, non slip, socks could be worn. Cetainly would be more enjoyable than the typical test they make you do like walking in a straight line, heel to toe (I hate that one) or closing your eyes while standing and the doctor pushes on you.

I don't get Blogger, it seems to do some half wit spell check . Red lines under correct words and none under real obvious mistakes.

Have had a set back with my leg. It's really stiff and swollen tonight. I thought it was getting better but I think it's just the pain killers fooling me.

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