Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Yeah ! I Have a Phone Camera

It was a pleasant walk home this afternoon with bright sunny skies and above freezing temperatures. I forgot my camera, then I remembered my phone camera! I guess my old school mentality can't get use to having a phone that does twenty things.

Above you can see how the snow has piled up The top photo was taken in front of my house. I don't have a car, so my parking spot is vacant. It is used as a communal snow dumping area by my neighbours . I don't mind, since it prevents the usual weirdos from parking in front of my place. The last photo above is an abandoned church I don't know the name of it. All the times I have walked past and never bothered to check that out.

Below is an interesting building on my street, Central Public School . Built back in the days when we cared what public building looked like.

Now public money goes to bail out crooks, with no strings attached. We will regret it. If you don't believe me, read what the Cassandra's at Asia Times have to say about it. Yeah they are over the top but at least they have a different perspective. Unlike our own media. They seem to be going along with whatever the government says. It is not the job of media to be cheer leaders. They should be casting a critical eye on what is happening and informing us, the ones who will end up paying for everything.

Slowly we are creeping toward the end of January. At work management is quiet, no word from the union, the medical officer and Health Canada are silent. I'm waiting till the end of the month to ask about what is going on with my medical. Usually no news, is good news. In my case, no news is driving me crazy !


herrad said...

Great photos.

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You herrad I have good scenery