Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Even More Snow

We had 20cm of snow pile up. It started last night and finally ended around 6:00 this evening.
Not fun walking home in that blowing snow storm. I'm really tired tonight,so instead of a long post I decided to read other blogs , do some comments and update my blog list.
My hands and feet are mega tingly tonight.



Hi Carole,

Breaking news today...

The Health Central Network has purchased Wellsphere.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Lisa Yeah they sent me an email

Anonymous said...

We got 3 to 4 inches snow last night and then ice on top of that this morning. YUK!

So forgive my slow brain, but how much is 20 cm? Do they clear snow in your area with big trucks? They try to here, but inevitably the back side streets (where I live) don't get plowed, so the ice kinda cements in the snow until the melt off.

Keep warm,

herrad said...

Hi Carole,

20 cm's of snow is quite abit hope it does not keep you stuck indoors.
Take care.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Anne 20 cm is a little less than 8 inches of snow.
They do plow the streets but it is very haphazard. You never know when your street will get done. The city announced it had blown it's budget for snow clearing for this year already!

Hi! herrad It doesn't stop me from going out, although I don't go as far or to as many places.