Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun While It Lasted

A couple of weeks ago I joined Wellsphere, a health website, only to find out today it's been taken over by Health Central. Which is too bad as I'm a believer in " smaller is better". If it remains a separate entity I will stick around, otherwise, I'll pass . Not that I have anything against Health Central, it's just too big and they already have loads of MS bloggers on it. I'll have to get rid of my little award too. I put it on here simply to direct traffic to the site, because I thought it was worth checking out. It's really just a symbolic award and has no significance. I would hate anyone to get the idea that I'm some big MS expert. No, I don't think I'll ever figure it out.

Had an awful day. I was a zombie and this tingling is a nuisance. Nothing makes it go away.

If the weather isn't too bad tomorrow I'll get the camera out again I'm taking part in a small photo project. A lady in Taiwan sent me a postcard with a picture of a teddy bear on it that her artist friend made. I have to take the card and take a photo of it. I think a shot of a big pile of snow will be a typical Canadian scene and we have lots of it right now. I'll post the pictures here on the weekend if I take any.
Now I have to go have a look at herrad's blog, so I can post a link to it.




Honestly, I don't know what exactly will change in the near future at Wellsphere's site or HealthCentral.

But I am puzzled by the thought that HealthCentral has loads of MS bloggers. As regular contributors, we have myself, Mandy of MSMaze, and Merelyme. Periodic contributors (like once a month) include Mandy's husband and two neurologists.

Only six other folks have posted during the month of January. That means only 12 individuals have posted to HealthCentral in all of January. Going back through December, add another six people.

Not huge by any means and that's something I like about it, too. However, there are many, many more bloggers out here in the MS Blogging Community to keep track of. Sometimes THAT is overwhelming. :)

herrad said...

Hi Carole,

Briefly joined after receiving a mail from dr. Rutledge telling me my writing was so good.

He sent me quite a few mails I joined and could not log on wrote mails asking for help could see he read them but did not respond after a month got a response and could log in found no other ms bloggers and lots of adverts for wellness products.

What is that?

Also lots of emphasis on recruiting your friends and promising goodies like ipods for recruiting people.

Decided did not want to be part of such a site and mailed asking my profile be deleted and the feed to my blog discontinued.

Again no response for over a month then I cced to all other email addresses could find on their site and suddenly got a response and after another month and a few more cc's I was finally removed.


Not for me commercial and consumerist sites.

Glad am no longer involved.

Take care and keep warm and happy.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! herrad haven't experienced any problems with wellsphere.

Hi!Lisa I think I prefer to just forget the whole thing I didn't ask to be a part of any website and now it's morphing into something bigger.