Sunday, January 11, 2009


Tonight I'm finishing off the weekend watching a "black sploitation" movie, TNT Jackson.
Not only politically incorrect, but racist and so sixties. The names they are calling each other !

It's been quiet around here except for the constant barking dogs. Attention neighbours!!
The only dogs that like being outside in the cold and snow are Huskies, otherwise your dog wants to be inside where it's nice and warm. Just like you do.

Had some twitching in my face and legs yesterday. It's gone now. I'm pleased that I was able to go for a decent walk and not limp. Haven't been doing the Wii as much as I should. My leg needs to get better before I can tackle any of the good exercises. That's my excuse for being lazy. I know the next time I turn on the Wii , it will admonish me for not sticking to my routine .

Hey I finally saw a photo of Barack Obama smoking ! They kept that well hidden. For me that totally shatters the image of the young, fit, soon to be president.

Well back to the snake pit tomorrow. I wonder what bureaucratic nightmares await me

I just hate it when the computer tries to guess what I'm going to type (no I'm not going to type "chili dogs")
Back to this kooky movie.


occam said...

I knew there had to be a pic of Obama smoking somewhere on the Net. What a poor example. Everyone has their faults. We just wish there was somebody (that we know, here on Earth, today) who is perfect.

Taxingwoman said...

True occam. What I object to is the fact that his smoking was so well hidden. How the media goes along with this stuff. Just like they went along with the WMD in Iraq. If we accept we have faults,why the need to hide it? It worries me that there is this tide of praise for this man and no scrutiny. The media isn't doing their job.