Thursday, January 22, 2009

Waterfalls and Wellsphere

Did you Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world ? 121 waterfalls
Have a look here:
Waterfalls of Hamilton There's a listing that includes amazing photos and directions to each one.

It never hurts to have additional resources for health information. I signed up at Wellsphere. They have a growing MS community there . Always nice to find new and different MS bloggers.

I'd like to post these links on the upper part of my main page, but honestly I can't remember how to do it. The help section isn't much help to jog my memory, although it sure is better than the help at my new web host. Never believe IT people when they say something is "as easy as 1-2-3" Trying to get my website going again is turning into a big hassle.

I dumped the old web host because I could never make any changes to the site without the photo section getting messed up. All the pictures would disappear! The tech support people couldn't figure out why. They also billed me twice every month on Pay Pal and I had to go in and cancel the additional payment. When they emailed me to say that the subscription was canceled by accident and I had to sign up again, that was it. All the money I gave them and I always had to clean up the mess they made. I decided not to renew and go with a new company.
So instead of being decent about it, they took my site down and now I have to start all over. I still had a month of service left too. The new web host will be better, if they ever let me get into the site builder that is.

Had to change my keyboard on the computer The t and j decided to not work anymore. Lucky I have a spare, althoughI find the keys very stiff on it.

I have these evil thoughts of wanting to kidnap a techie . I would keep them around to fix up all this computer stuff for me . I have similar thoughts about electricians and carpenters . They would all live in the basement and I'd be happy to feed them, do their laundry and supply a t.v. and computer.

I decided to go off the Amantadine. Not cold turkey, as I know that could lead to side effects worse than the ones I have taking it. Not that they are so bad, I'm just fed up. I want to see if the fatigue will be worse without the medication. Honestly I can't remember how bad it was before. I take as much time off work now as I ever did . I was hoping the medication would curb that. Maybe I expect to much ?
What I have done is instead of taking a pill first thing when I get up, I wait a couple of hours. Each day I increase the time and have now reached the point were I can skip the afternoon pill.
Gradually I will keep on delaying the time until it's too late in the day to take it . Then I will skip a day and so on. I want to be off it completely by the end of January.

No ill effects to report so far.


herrad said...


Just reading your blog for the first time found you on Anne's blog. Hope you are still sucessfully coming off the drug.

What dreadful thing for the web hosting company to treat youju like that.

I intend to come by regularly and see how you are doing and what's been happening to you.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! herrad Yes please drop by often
Hope you are well