Friday, January 9, 2009


So many things I want to write about only as usual, I'm too tired. What a wasted evening. I did buy a cd today by IL Divo, which I might pop into the cd player and listen to it in bed tonight. That should help to chase away these blues. Yeah I know I should be downloading this stuff on to the mp3 on my phone, but I'm old school and still enjoy listening to the radio and cd's.

Spoke with the doctor this afternoon about all the tripping I've been doing lately. One thing about him is he's very quick to call back when I leave a message, unlike all the service technicians I've had to deal with these past few weeks. After talking for awhile he said he would call in a prescription to the pharmacy for Prednisone, an anti inflammatory drug I took years ago for asthma. Not too thrilled about taking it as it can cause weight gain and insomnia, two things I'm already struggling with. It sure would be great to have some drugs that didn't cause side effects .
My son was nice and went to the laundromat today to do a couple of loads . That should last us till Monday, when the service guy says he will show up . Not holding my breathe for this wahser nonsense to be resolved.
A guy at work was commenting on how technology is the road to ruin Have to agree. It's handy and yet a pain in the ***( insert where you want the pain) .
Must be the weather getting to me. Every year I find winter less appealing and get fed up with it earlier.

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