Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Memory Foam

Another day at home exhausted . Good thing the Health Canada report has been pushed ahead and should be ready before the end of this month, instead of the initial deadline of March. I'm not expecting any miracles. Having a decision will at least help me to figure out what to do next.

If you need new slippers I highly recommend Foam Treads with memory foam. They cost more than regular slippers but it's worth it. I use to buy slippers at Payless, because other than the Tall Girl shop, they were the only store that had my size. For some reason they don't sell them anymore. I wear size 12 shoes . I don't have any problems finding foot wear except for there being much less selection in my size. That actually is a good thing, otherwise I know I would be a shoe-aholic . Any way I bought two pairs of slippers on sale with free shipping. They are so comfortable and truthfully my leg hurts much less when I wear them.

I have a memory foam mattress which is super comfortable too. I wish they could put that stuff in everything: shoes, boots, chairs, sofas, even clothes. Too bad I can't have a memory foam brain that could bounce back from an MS episode . And speaking of brains I saw a news report that there is a shortage of them around for research purposes. I would happily donate mine in future but would they want it ?

Got a call from the appliance store.They're sending a technician out to have a look at my washer. The customer service person said they think it may have something to do with the way it's draining. What ever, I just want to do some washing. Then the guys who were supposed to remove all the debris from the basement show up with a full truck. Dummies said they thought my junk would fit in. I don't see how when the truck was full to bursting. They said they would be back tomorrow afternoon with an empty truck. Once again what ever, I just want the old rotten wood gone.

The grocery guy called and said he would be late due to the bad weather. We had snow and freezing rain today and it really is a mess out there. I sure wouldn't want to be driving.

I don't know about staying on this Amantadine, it doesn't seem to be working. I think I'll give the doctor a call tomorrow to discuss going off it. Have to tell him about all this tripping nonsense too.

Think I'll do my Wii fit now and see how old I am today. Until my leg gets better I can only do the yoga and balance exercises, which I really like. Never thought I would enjoy yoga.
I wish the the Wii had better graphics and sound. Why can't the trainer speak to me rather than me having to read all that? even if it is praise.


Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Carole,

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Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Dr. Rutledge
Thanks for the compliment. I will have a look at your site.