Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another meeting to look forward to

Tonight I feel recovered after two lousy days . I hate when my evenings are wasted because I'm just too tired to do anything. I'm the zombie woman . At least I did make a very good Mexican dinner tonight, experimenting with a tomatillo and green chile sauce.

I'm off work now till next Tuesday. That's when I have the "big" meeting with management.
The union rep seems to think they will offer a compromise . A partial work at home arrangement with 2-3 days per week at home . I would be happy with that. Having a definite schedule would be a relief and I'd be able to plan my activities around it. Rest on the evenings after a "go to work day "and do personal stuff on evenings of a "work at home day ".
I was sad to hear the rep tell me her son in law was recently diagnosed with MS and that I have a co-worker with MS who is partially blind. An illness I never knew a thing about is all around me.
The rep surprised me when she said her son in law was able to get an appointment at the MS clinic right away. My neurologist made it seem like he was doing me a big favour , having me wait only six months instead of a year to get one . What a crazy system. Regardless, I still think the health care system is better here than in the US.

So politicians ! hands off my universal health care !

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't until I was elected a union shop steward in 2001 (till 2007) that I found out there were seven people at my work (including me) who had MS and were afraid to ask for ADA's.

I've been out since August 2007 - I finally quit when ADA's were taken away from me, one lady changed jobs bec of the stress, two have been fired (they SAY for MS unrelated reasons)and three remain employed there.

When those three saw what happened to me, they decided to not let management know they had MS. In my position as shop steward, I of course had to keep it confidential too.

Other employees with cancer got far better consideration than anyone else because, after all, they were going to die soon. That's the company's written statement back to the courts in my lawsuit. Can you imagine!!?

Play down your MS at your meeting; only put into place what you absolutely need in place for accommodations.

Good Luck

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Anne, for the encouraging words and advice. The union rep said something similar.
I don't have to be concerned about getting fired. I work for the Federal government and if things got bad, they would allow me to take early retirement . I would have a lot less money, but still enough to live on.
I know that they do string people along who want a disability pension, which I don't qualify for.
I'm hoping for a good outcome next week.