Saturday, March 22, 2008

Started another blog !

Not much to say tonight I've started a new blog about movies. I thought it would be fun to dabble in a topic about one of my favourite past times: watching movies and do some brief reviews. . If I keep going with it I'll post a link here .

On the MS front: I did some research on the neurologist I'll be seeing in June. From want I've found out so far, he seems like a good doctor and a decent guy. Really knows his MS stuff and is open to alternative therapies. I'm actually looking forward to meeting him.

Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. At least I was tired for a good reason today . I managed to go shopping for fabric, a task I've put off for so long. The ride on the bus wasn't so great . Almost had me wanting a car, although I can't imagine myself ever driving again . With this fatigue I would be too worried about getting into an accident.

Two more lovely days off and the weather has been good . lots of sunshine which always makes me feel better.

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