Monday, March 10, 2008

How much is 5 months of life worth ?

I'm posting early today because I have no idea what shape I'll be in after the dentist.

No point in even commenting on this past weekend except to say it was the lost weekend.
Didn't get much done due to mind numbing fatigue. I came home Thursday evening , didn't go out again till Sunday afternoon, and I had to force myself to do that. It was awful. We had a huge snow storm Friday and Saturday. When I went out Sunday the snow was piled up everywhere .I don't have a car so the neighbours shoveled lots of snow on to the road in front of my house. I don't mind at all. I don't think people know what to do with the stuff anymore.

It was almost impossible to walk . I felt like I was climbing Everest. At least I made it to the store and did a bit of shopping. Bought way too many Easter treats. By the time I returned home I was wiped out, a zombie . I made some tea and ate much of the Easter treats. So much for my diet.

I read an article today about a drug called Avastin. It's been approved for breast cancer treatment. It can extend a person's life ( I say person because men can get breast cancer too)5-6 months. It can have very serious side effects.
I wonder if if I was dying would I take the chance and use this drug ? Even if it meant possible serious side effects, including death ! or milder ones,diarrhea , infections . Do I care more about the quality of my life or just life ? I don't know . I would say right now that quality is more important and better to face death and make plans while I can. Maybe I would have a different perspective if I was dying.
Right now I have to face the dentist which is enough to deal with. Coward that I am.

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