Monday, March 17, 2008

Ides of March

Well it is the Ides of March so no surprise that strange things are happening. Today I was told prior to my meeting with management I would need to fill out some forms for my "disability" claim . I have made no such claim . I'm not disabled. I just want an accommodation to work from home.
Now I'm wondering what the heck is going on .

Have to say I feel much better than I did last year at this time
My face had a twitch, my hands too. I had pains all over and blurry eyes and Oh ! the fatigue . I remember hiding in my home office because I didn't want anybody to see me crying . I felt so out of control .
The fatigue is still with me , that never goes away . I just need to be careful with that and avoid doing stupid things.
The Vernal equinox this week. That usually brings more craziness. I can't wait for the Easter break.


Anonymous said...

Carole: Do not fill out any forms at work. I've been through this with my employer and we are now in court.

All you need to do is write a letter (back date it to when you orally requested ADA), specifically detail what ADA you want from them. As long as what you are asking for does not cause them undue hardship, they have to negotiate with you so that you both agree on what you need in place to be able to do your job.

NO FORMS: If you do, they can (illegally) drop your insurance (because you are now a risk), illegally reduce your hours (due to fatigue) and they can use any and all of it against you in court, should you ever get there.

Per the ADA, all you have to do is request accommodations in writing, have a meeting with supervisors to get them in place, and get their agreement in writing for documentation.

In your letter, you can state that you have MS and what ADA you need. That's all it has to say. Does not need dates of diagnosis, medications you take, etc. Simply that you have MS and what ADA you need in place.

Good luck,
(I am an ADA coordinator for my township here in PA and have been in litigation with many people who are driven to sue for their ADA's.)
You can email me direct if you like.

Taxingwoman said...


Thanks for the suggestions. I had a meeting with a union rep today and she said something similar to you .
I'm not filling in those forms because I'm not disabled and certainly don't fit the criteria for disability.
I have a meeting next week with management We'll see what happens.