Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Not much happening today . I was reading about an MS diet in the New York Times.
The usual, low fat , omega 3 stuff. I suppose it can't hurt. Only problem with diets, sticking to one long term is almost impossible for me . There's just too much temptation around. I have a reasonable diet, no junk food , limited amount of packaged food. My only down fall is my love of sweets. Nothing like some chocolate and a cup of tea to give me a lift. Yeah I know my teeth would be better and I'd be less likely to become diabetic, but for now I can't give the sweet stuff up.

What I found amusing is the medical people challenging the diet . They talk about placebo effect, no proof it works etc. etc. All the same arguements I could use against their drug regimens, which they describe as the best modern medicine can offer. Maybe so , maybe not. For now I'm sticking with my chocolate. How can I pass up all those Easter treats ?

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