Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm home today. The stress and fatigue of yesterday has left me drained. I don't think it's fair that I feel like I have a hangover, when I don't even drink.

Did a bit of research about Fingolimod, a potential oral MS treatment. I found out about it from a couple of bloggers, who are part of the clinical trials for the drug. Very brave of them I think, to take part. So far the results seem promising, although there's always the nagging side effect of
elevated blood enzymes,which can result in liver damage. Let's hope that's minimal . An oral drug treatment would be a blessing. I don't think anybody enjoys injecting themselves with drugs.

Today I received a postcard from Brazil, of Ogum , God of War, Iron, and tamed Fire, in the Candombile religion. It's an ancient cult related to Voodoo and Santeria, brought to the new world by African slaves in 1549.
I was happy to get this card because I learned something new. I also have an interest in cults that incorporate their own rituals with those of the Catholic faith . It was a clever way for them to survive: convert in public , practice their traditions in private.

Anyway, Ogum has given me some energy on a slow day. It doesn't hurt to have an extra deity on my side either.

Once again I recommend postcard exchanges as a hobby. It's easy, and you get all kinds of surprises in the mail. I get lots of goodies besides postcards, such as: souvenirs, bookmarks, and candy ! Check out the link to Postcrossing at the top of the page .


mdmhvonpa said...

Have you met this person yet?

Taxingwoman said...

No but I'll check it out.
Thanks for letting me know.