Friday, March 14, 2008

My MS Theories

This morning I received an email regarding a comment posted on another blog.
Back and forth I went from one blog to another trying to figure what was going on. Why do people get into fights over the causes and treatments of MS ? Heck, the scientists don't even know what's what, so how can you put down another person's beliefs ? How can you say your method of coping is better ? That your theories are correct and others are wrong ?

So many possible causes: genetics, toxins, herpes, vitamin deficiency, infections, childhood illness, unnecessary surgery, lack of sunshine, cleanliness , and so on and so on.
So many ways to treat MS: modifying drug therapies, diet, purging toxins, antibiotics, alternative medicine , drugs for individual symptoms, etc. etc.
Theories abound.

Here's my theory of what causes MS:
I don't believe that it is so complex, just because it presents differently for every person.
I think a lack of sunshine and a lack of vitamin D while in the womb , and during childhood , are the main culprits.
Yes I do think it's that simple.
I can cite many facts as to why I think this only I'm way too tired to do it.
I think prevention will be the cure. Just as women are told to take certain vitamins to prevent Spina Bifida in their unborn child, so too will they be told to do the same to prevent MS.

Here's my treatment theory:
There's no proof that any MS drug treatments really work.
I have no control over the progression of my MS
I can and must modify my lifestyle to accommodate MS.
I must keep myself healthy in every other way to make it easier to cope with MS
I must find ways besides drugs, to ease my symptoms
I must rest !
I must find alternative interests to ones I can no longer do

These are my theories. What are yours ?
And please don't come on here to debate why you think mine are wrong. I'm way too tired and brain dead to get into a debate about it.

What ever you think is fine with me and you don't have to offer any proof either.

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