Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Boss Bad Boss

Quick post tonight as I forgot it's Monday Martial Arts, movie night .
If you ever have a really nice boss at work stay away from him/her , because you will get spoiled
and won't be able to cope when you get an idiot boss. That is my situation right now,and I'm really
at the end of my rope. Not only are they dragging their feet with my medical accommodation, now this jerk wants to take away the few things I had, such as my one day a week working at home.
He says he wants to wait for an official decision.
It's not like I'm a slacker either. I always make sure I meet my budget demands and am always on time.
I had nine good years with a boss who was a genuine human being . I cried at his retirement party because I knew there would never be another like him. Boy! was I right . I forgot what a bunch of creeps these guys can be.
Have two more MS blogs in my links which I have to take time to read another night . Fingolimod and Me and White Lightning Axion Redux, who's author referred me to them. Thanks !
Well tonight I'm the zombie woman , so tired. I can't think straight to say anything intelligent, so it's time to quit.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Carole: When I first was in meetings w/ management (w/ union rep present too), the official word was that she had to wait to get the official word.

Droned on for weeks with no "word".

When word finally came down, all my original ADA's were taken away and one ADA was offered. If I refused to take it, I could quit, they said.

After four more meetings to try to negotiate, I filed a charge with the EEOC for discrimination against a person with a disability. I got a "right to sue" letter from them, and filed a suit in county court.

And there I sit until the legal machine gets around to hearing my case.

Don't let them take away from you. Write down what you already have and draw a line down the middle of the paper. Tell them this is where they ADD on to what you already have.

I can't believe what goes on in this day and age of laws for the disabled and we are still getting screwed. Oh, and don't let them hand you the crap that you have to be able to do the job with and without accommodations. Most employers try to put that over an employee -- well, you can't do the job UNLESS you have the accommodation.

We, the disabled, are only asking for the ADA's to help us to do our jobs better and to stay employed.


Taxingwoman said...

Yes Anne it's very frustrating.
We have a disabilities committee. They host seminars and make recommendations to management. There is an anti discrimination policy in place.They hire the disabled .I work with a guy who's blind !
I think they just don't get MS and when they see me it's the usual " you don't look sick" deal .

Once all the proper channels have been exhausted I'm going to write a report and present it to my member of parliament. I want him to see that discrimination still happens, even within the government that writes the laws to protect people