Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Fever ?

There must be something in the air. Many strange happenings today, including a young couple beating each other up at the mall !

Amazing how things can change in one day. I had an awful day at work with a flip- flopping boss, and indecisive manager. All I can say is these guys are jerks ! Can't wait to get this stupid medical assessment done .

Interesting discussion today about MS and the dating scene. Seems a guy in the office met a woman with MS,who uses a scooter to get around. He admitted to being wary at first, however, he likes her, and is going to date her. Some thought it good, others not. Have to admit it must be difficult to decide to date someone who has MS. I can understand having reservations, as the future is so uncertain. At least the guy I'm dating wasn't put off by my diagnosis. It was hard for him to deal with at first, but he is very positive and encouraging. Perhaps it is easier to deal with if you already have a stable relationship, although I do know of couples who have split because of one partner getting sick . I know it is making me hesitate to get more deeply involved (get married) . It has more to do with losing my independence and becoming a burden. How much can you ask of another person ? and is it fair ?

Came across another good MS blog: Mandatory Rest Period. The author Kim dropped by to comment here . Check my MS links for it . Lots of good information and insights.

I do enjoy blogging after a rotten day . Very therapeutic.

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