Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Week End

Another week end over, not a bad one. Wasted a few hours playing The Sims 2, as an escape from worry. I'm having work related anxiety attacks . I just wish it was over, one way or another. The truth is, it's going to continue to be a soap opera for awhile and there's nothing I can do about it. To have bureaucrats in charge of my life is very unnerving.

At least I'm getting support from family and friends. It's a big help . I had one friend jokingly say to keep my flak jacket on till mid April . He's into astrology and really believes that the spring equinox makes people act crazy. Who knows , there are a lot of strange things going on, so it might be true. I had to talk my mother out of turning me into a crusade. Once she gets going , look out! She'll be knocking on the Prime Minister's door if I let her.

Not much in the way of MS. My body is very calm, except for the odd spasm and no heavy duty fatigue . If it was like this all the time it would be fine,I could handle it.
Have to get a few pledges together for the MS walk, which is happening in a couple of weeks. Hope the weather is good as I'm looking forward to it.


mdmhvonpa said...

Sim Addict? Yeah, I had to lay low on that ... but got myself wrapped up in Civilization IV ... GHA!

The wife give me a pass on it though ... she knows it distracts me from the MS Pain sometimes.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog I wanted to leave a message at yours but I'm too stunned to figure out
how,being brain dead from a day of work.